Know About Roofer

When you need to have some major repairs done to your roof, you want to be sure that you are getting quality work for a reasonable price. This becomes even more important if the entire roof is ready for replacement. The investment in your home is very large, and this is one of the main reasons you need to take the time to make a good choice about roofer Beaverton contractors. One of the first steps to take is to make a list of the local companies you are considering. Whether you get referrals from friends and neighbors or you search online for “roofer Beaverton,” you should check out each of your options by contacting the Better Business Bureau to see if there is any good or bad information on that company.

Next, don’t just take their word that they have all the necessary qualifications to do the job. Personally check that their license is current, that they are bonded, and that they are currently insured at the levels required by the state or local governments. Ask to look at current certifications so you can be satisfied that they are meeting all state and local regulations. Ask for references from two or three of their most recently completed jobs so that you can contact those customers and talk to them about the job that was done. Then be sure to make that contact. Many companies will provide references but not expect anyone to follow through, and some companies may even provide bogus references in an attempt to pad their resumes.

If your roof needs repair because of a recent storm, you should be aware that some companies follow storms and offer low bids to quickly repair the damage. They often provide shoddy workmanship and demand up-front payment without delivering all that they promise. You are much better off going with the kind of established roofer Beaverton residents can recommend. Ask for an estimate from each of the contractors you are considering. Get it all in writing so that you can read through the contract and verify that everything is included. The materials and labor should all be included in the written estimate, including the clean-up and removal of waste and debris. The estimated amount of time, including a start date, the terms of payment, and warranties on materials or labor should all be part of the contract.

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